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Are you in Pain?

Are you having balance trouble?

Are you not being your best self?

"Together we'll make it make sense.  Together we'll get better"


Physical Therapy/Sports Training

Jersey City

245 Kearny Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07305

Phone: (201) 360-2291

Physical Therapy

East Rutherford

111 Union Avenue, Unit 4

East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Phone: (201) 347-9459

  • Pre Surgery Rehabilitation

  • ​Post Surgery Rehabilitation

  • ​Orthopedic Injuries

  • ​Arthritic Conditions

  • Chronic Pain

  • ​Symptoms associated with Postural Dysfunctions

  • ​Gait Training

  • ​Sports Injuries

  • ​Balance Training & Falls Prevention

  • ​Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Strength and Conditioning

Direct Access - No Prescription Needed

Physical therapy is a safe and affordable way to treat hundreds of different diagnoses, and a referral or prescription is not required to begin treatment – this is called Direct Access.


Currently in New Jersey, the remaining 49 states and the District of Columbia, allow patients “direct access” to physical therapy services and programs without the need for a physician prescription or referral. A major advantage to direct access is that patients see a decrease in their out-of-pocket costs by skipping a visit to their general practitioner for a referral. It also means that treatment can get underway faster. Direct access empowers you to take control of your health by choosing the approach that best suits your needs.

When you’re in pain you want to get relief fast, but sometimes it can take weeks to see the doctor. In the meantime, you may begin taking over-the-counter medications, or go to the emergency room or urgent care for pain relief. With direct access to physical therapy, you’ll spend less time and effort on scheduling a physician’s visit and begin feeling better faster.

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